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Margesin family & team

Warm cordiality

The ALPIANA – green luxury Dolce Vita Hotel is the Margesin family's daily passion – not a job, but a vocation. And most of all, a place that brings together the family and all those coming here seeking enjoyment and some peace and quiet.

ALPIANA – green luxury is unique in its array of colours and shapes. The Spa area on three floors and the large Mediterranean pool garden are setting new standards on the South Tyrolean hotel scene. But this is not the deciding factor in why some guests spend their holidays at ALPIANA – green luxury; this is the Margesin family.
“You are really made to feel welcome”, is what one guest had to say. “You have the feeling that you are part of the whole place and that you interact with others”.  This act of relating to others has become less and less important in our fast-paced society. 

Here in the ALPIANA – green luxury Dolce Vita Hotel it has never lost its significance.
A business is only as good as its workers. Lots of the members of the ALPIANA team have been working here for years and feel that they have gained the role of hosts themselves. In ALPIANA – green luxury, the word 'family' takes on a new meaning.

From guest house to luxury resort

Josef and Rosa Margesin laid the building blocks for the Dolce Vita Hotel ALPIANA RESORT of today in 1975.

In those days there was a small, elegant 25-room hotel in the place of the extensive architectural and garden wonder that stands there today. Johann and Monika took over the business in 1979 and systematically upgraded and extended the 'Völlanerhof' in order to turn it into an impressive hotel.

A new era dawned when Junior Johannes began to work at the family business. Berta and Klein-Greta are the strong women working at his side. In order to meet the needs of a more demanding clientele, Völlanerhof became an architectural highlight with unique interior design, featuring a spa, pool and landscaped gardens: ALPIANA RESORT. This was a family project which also involved the ideas and visions of Johannes' brother, Christian, right from the start.

The Dolce Vita Hotel ALPIANA RESORT is able to look back on times of great dynamism and drive – just one thing hasn't changed over all these exciting years: the Margesin family's passion for what they do.

Our credo

What stands behind the term 'luxury' depends on social, economic and cultural change and is not only connected with the tangible. Luxury is something that is reserved for a few people but desired by many. Something that not everybody can afford (anymore). Space. Retreat. Going with the the flow. Values and feelings which have become rare but which have gained in significance at the same time.

In our fast-paced age characterised by the individual's search for meaning, a new kind of luxury has evolved, far away from all materialism. Moments spent in the here and now, 'offline' and 'logged out', have become rare, just like the moments with the precious feeling of not having to do anything and not constantly checking your watch. The need for simplicity and the desire to get back to nature burn in our hearts again. Just like the wish to look after one’s own health and personal wellbeing – to feel cared for and thus carefree.

Natural design

The ALPIANA – green luxury Dolce Vita Hotel is an island. An oasis of tranquillity. A home. An architectonic highlight combining brave design with natural materials uniting innovation and traditional family warmth. Peace and quiet to recharge your batteries – a unique pool garden and the spa area on three levels set new standards in the field of beauty and wellness.

Man and nature need to find each other again. ALPIANA – green luxury Dolce Vita Hotel is a statement: avant-garde and sustainability can go hand in hand. The new aesthetics allows it: innovative design made from local materials. The ALPIANA – green luxury Dolce Vita Hotel is a masterfully staged example of architecture and still manages to stay part of the surrounding South Tyrolean mountain world.

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