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Four seasons at ALPIANA. Each one unique. Each one extraordinary.

A year-round hotel

From the spring-time apple blossoms and summer’s glistening blue pools in the garden park to autumn’s culinary delights and the “Mountain View” Sky Spa in winter… these are just some of the many highlights you will encounter in ALPIANA and its unique surroundings throughout the year.

Völlan basks in the sunshine on its peaceful plateau, surrounded by forests, meadows and the wonders – great and small – of the natural world. It’s an impressive spectacle to behold! In a village this close to nature, the shifting seasons are felt with enhanced vibrancy. Yet it’s not just the landscape – and the array of outdoor activities – that transforms with the seasons. ALPIANA, too, adapts its offerings, alternating its focus on gourmet experiences, wellness retreats and enjoyment of its pool garden to suit the season. To fully experience this dynamic setting, we recommend booking an ALPIANA stay four times a year!

“A holiday in Völlan with the ALPIANA as your home base guarantees a wonderfully varied holiday in South Tyrol – ideal for any season!”


Ready for a new beginning? It’s not just the apple trees that are starting afresh as they scatter their blossoms all around, but the entirety of the Völlan high plateau and the Meran region, famous for the wonderful spa and garden town of Meran, where the promenades are in full bloom and splendour. Spring is the season of asparagus, flowers and outdoor adventures! The energising force of nature makes itself felt, with some mountains calling out boldly, while the ALPIANA pool garden reveals its most vibrant, colourful display. Here, early swims in the heated pools and sun-kissed aperitifs are the order of the day, perfectly blending Alpine vistas with the Italian way of life.


The mountain peaks welcome you from above, while the summery green valley and its centrepiece – magnificent, flower-filled Meran – beckon from below. The challenge of deciding how to best enjoy your days intensifies with the alluring alternative of the ALPIANA pool garden. This ample space invites you to unwind and enjoy its large pools, cosy lounge areas, pool bar, sunny terrace and stunning views of gardens, mountains and forests, which stretch into the distance.

Summer in South Tyrol can be sunny and Mediterranean, refreshing and breezy, and everything in between; it’s as varied as the local landscape and culture – here, where North merges into South.


Autumn in South Tyrol is as colourful as the leaves in the woods and as vibrant as the golden light filtering through them. This season is about comfort and enjoyment, not just in the rustic farmhouse taverns and acclaimed restaurants offering traditional or modern takes on the “Törggelen” tradition but also in the ALPIANA Spa, a retreat that captures the autumn spirit, offering peace, seclusion and relaxation.

Autumn in Völlan is an invitation to pause and savour life in every way.


Winter is synonymous with wellness. The ALPIANA offers 2,000m2 of spa space dedicated to your well-being, a unique pool area with five pools and a Sky Spa with an extraordinary panoramic sauna –the ultimate cosy winter experience. Outside, the world is a winter wonderland of hiking trails and Christmas markets, with five nearby ski areas, each inviting you to take in its unique charm. And even closer to the ALPIANA, you can experience Meran and its surroundings at a slower pace, embracing the serene side of winter.

"The outstanding courtesy of family Margesin and team is unique."

Roma, August 2022 - Tripadvisor

"The ALPIANA has long been our preferred address in South Tyrol!"

Dieter, September 2021 - HolidayCheck

"Relaxing days, excellent cuisine and thoughtful service!"

Peter, January 2021 - Tripadvisor

"The paradise: Not to be missed!"

Andrea, August 2022 - Tripadvisor

"Perfect food and absolutely courteous staff. The boss is hospitality personified!"

Karl-Heinz, September 2022 - HolidayCheck

"Excellent luxury hotel for connoisseurs!"

Miet, August 2022 - HolidayCheck

"The breakfast is one of the best we have enjoyed in around the world!"

Francesca, June 2022 - Tripadvisor

"Wonderful hotel situated in a unique location. Fantastic view and beautiful spa area."

Martin, May 2023 - HolidayCheck

"Fantastic location, excellent food, qualified and friendly staff, and above all a welcoming host family!"

Alberto, September 2022 - Tripadvisor

"The waiters, receptionists and as well as the family Margesin were extremely friendly."

Roberta, August 2022 - Tripadvisor

"Wonderful pools, absolute peace and a super relaxing view!"

Codogni, August 2022 - Tripadvisor

"Dreamlike position, excellent family-run hotel!"

Thomas, November 2021 - Tripadvisor

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