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Longing for nature

The health benefits of green

In its perfect neutrality between other extremes, the colour green has a calming effect without causing fatigue. It encourages the gathering of new strength and promotes regeneration. Looking at green is never strenuous, but primes the eye for other impressions.

The idea behind ALPIANA – green luxury Dolce Vita Hotel is that the eye comes to rest on greenery in all areas and at all levels. Forest green. Meadow green. When swimming, eating, resting. A living space within and with nature. Wellness is currently reinventing itself. A longing to get back to nature is growing in people's hearts. Wellness therefore no longer belongs to a zone cut off and separate from the outside, but works in symbiosis with the outdoors. 

Birds, wind, the gentle lapping of water. The soft tones accompanying our activity programme are genuine, they take place outdoors at ALPIANA – green luxury Dolce Vita Hotel and are supported by oxygen-rich mountain air. Pilates, yoga, zumba, back exercises and stomach, leg and glute training help the body to regain shape. Exercise takes place on our 'Mountain View' pergola terrace at the Sky Spa and in the beautiful ALPIANA garden. Greenery for body and soul.

Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of nature

Energise and slow down at ALPIANA in South Tyrol.

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