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A resort for everyone. But always different.

ALPIANA: everything but ordinary.

Bringing contrasting elements together in a state of harmony is a true art form.

Designed to evoke emotion

Bringing contrasting elements together in a state of harmony is a true art form. This is what architect Georg Hueber achieved with ALPIANA, an architectural marvel that, while bold and direct, seamlessly integrates into the soft contours of the low mountain range landscape. The same principle applies within: the interior exudes sophistication and elegance without being overbearing. The design showcases the finest gifts of nature, with stone, oak and walnut prominently featured.

An abundance of glass creates a feeling of freedom. Exquisite furnishings, carefully selected textiles and bold accents contribute to the charismatic ambience. And this is complemented by a spacious indoor wellness world and an extraordinary outdoor pool park. In every detail, the hotel seeks a connection with the outdoors. The quiet corners, the stone and wooden terraces, the cocoons and hanging loungers, small bridges, blooming areas, the scent of herbs and flowers and the blue water of the many swimming pools accentuate this bond.

This is a design that evokes emotion, catering to the aesthetically discerning yet focusing above all on people. At ALPIANA, the spotlight is always on human connection: interiors are not just spaces but platforms for fostering meaningful interactions. It’s about community – enhanced and nurtured by the setting.

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