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Lively Lana

Lana – one big village near the ALPIANA – green luxury Dolce Vita Hotel. Small enough to retain its rural charm, yet large enough to be able to offer some culture and a lengthy stroll around it, and colourful and lively enough to truly inspire.

The apple village: A sea of fruit trees creates a backdrop that is constantly in motion, yet changing with the seasons. In spring the trees are topped with pale pink blossom, while in summer their green leaves are dotted with the red cheeks of apples. In autumn their branches flash their cautious yellow hue, while in winter they brave the weight of the snow. An interplay of colour.

Where there’s a ’Waal‘, there’s a way

The walks around Lana are just as varied as the countryside around the DolceVita Hotel. One edge of the village lies right at the foot of steep mountain slopes, while becoming part of the flat Etsch river valley on the other. Situated at the gateway to beautiful walking country like the Vigiljoch, home to some famous larch trees, the wildly romantic Ulten valley and the verdant Passeier valley, Lana has made a name for itself as a base for hikers.

Leisurely walking by water: Lana’s ’Waalwege‘ paths accompanying gurgling irrigation channels, or ‘Waals’, in a leisurely fashion are typical for the area. The Waalweg at Marling is already 250 years old. Along Brandiswaalweg there is little visual sign of water as the channel flows underground. The path runs in the shade of vineyards and pergolas, between orchards and vineyards. The Meraner Waalrunde is worth doing.

The fascination of the old: Clerical art, church culture. Around 40 churches and chapels, cloisters and convents from 10 centuries bear testimony to Lana’s ecclesiastical past. Traces of medieval times also make their presence felt in the form of fortresses dotted around the local surrounding area.

Living Lana: Lana is young, dynamic and full of drive. Whether cultural happenings, culinary events or traditional festivals – Lana enjoys a party, in harmony with typical South Tyrolean style. On late-opening Thursdays, associations, businesspeople and farmers may be seen presenting their products and ideas from their stands. It gets even more colourful at the annual Christmas market.

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