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Top of the class this year

Top of the class this year – only the best come to the party...

Johannes Margesin, 19.10.2014

She is simply popular and good company! She enjoys her time in South Tyrol, the many hours of sunshine, the mild climate. Every year she ‘flies’ into the autumnal landscape around Meran. She feels at home here, especially in Völlan. She attracts a lot of attention with her curvy figure. Her outfits display a timeless elegance, made up of warm, autumnal tones. Her outer garments are slightly more daring and she is known on the catwalk – or walking paths – for her sharp accessories.


She has a lot of admirers in South Tyrol and she holds parties with her other female friends where a lot of flirting goes on. Meetings are usually fleeting, but the experience is an intensive one!
It gets hot and fiery with plenty of ‘riggeln’, or shaking, removal of outer garments and devouring! The chestnut knows why she likes it so much here. ‘Törggelen’, as this tradition is known, is a bit different, yet the same as ever. As before, the new wine is opened and tasted, farm dishes are served and roasted chestnuts are the highlight. Custom has it that chestnuts are roasted on an open fire and shaken in a ‘Keschtnriggl’ until their shells come off. The difference to past times is that it has become a more social occasion. Family gatherings used to take place at home in the cellar, while now the whole village comes together to meet and enjoy themselves – with the chestnut as the star attraction.

And because we love chestnuts, we have awarded this tasty fruit the prize for being top of the class this year!

Keschtnfestl in Völlan, 19.10.2014

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