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Time travelling Ulten valley

Here, many things are still like they used to be in the past. The hands of time seem to run more slowly in Ulten valley. This can be noticed in the farmhouses with their larch wood blackened by the sun. In the little villages. In the people. And the mountains stand there, just as they always have done.

Ulten valley runs from Lana, near the DolceVita Hotel, along the Falschauer river for 40 kilometres into the mountains. While at the beginning it ascends steeply, the course of the road soon becomes enjoyably winding and leads the visitor through an original and idyllic valley up to Stilfser Joch national park. On both sides, summit after summit rises into the sky striving for the 3,000 metre level.

Valley of the high mountains

The panoramic Hochwart (2,608 m), the Hohe Dieb with its two summits (2,723 m), the dark Nagelstein (2,469 m) – every summit has its own unique charisma. Hasenörl and Soyspitz have cracked the 3,000 m level.

The southern flank starts above Lana and the Tisener uplands with the Kreuzberg, curves into the valley with the broad crown of the Kleinen Laugen and Großen Laugen and then runs across the Kornigl (2,311 m), Hochwart (2,627 m), Ilmspitze (2,656 m), Welscher Berg (2,630 m) and Karspitz (2,752 m) to finish up at the Kirchberg. About 700 kilometres of marked paths await hikers and mountaineers. This is the hiking world of Ulten.

The house on the slope

Some hamlets look as if they're hanging onto the side of a mountain. Set in steep terrain and magnificently isolated, old farmhouses cling onto their meadows. Kindling is stacked neatly and every house is next to a farm garden full of flowers and geraniums brighten up weather-beaten balconies.

The wonderful 'Ulten Farmstead Trail leads from farm to farm, going gently up and downhill from Kuppelwies guest house to St. Gertraud and to the famous 'Ulten Ancient Larches'. There are a number of inviting inns to stop at along the way, as a real walk has to involve 'Speck', cheese, smoked sausage and a glass of wine at the end. The delightful 'Ulten Farmstead Trail leads from farm to farm.

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