Propst Wieser Weg 30 . 39011 Völlan/Lana near Meran in South Tyrol
F +39 0473 568143 .

An Oasis in the mountains near Meran in South Tyrol

The Hotel Völlanerhof has become Alpiana Resort

That was the Völlanerhof - Your 4 * S wellness hotel in South Tyrol
Experience South Tyrol in the 4 star superior hotel near Meran

See, taste, sense … at our family-run 4*S spa hotel in South Tyrol, the Hotel Völlanerhof at Völlan near Meran, you can enjoy the sunny side of the Alps with all of your senses:

Mountain scenery reflected in the pool surrounded by palm trees in our romantic hotel in South Tyrol. The smell of mountain herbs and exotic flowers waft through the air. Rays of sunshine tickling your skin and warming your body.

The tastes of the south unfold on your tongue - light and sophisticated. Take a deep breath ...One holiday at our Hotel Völlanerhof in Völlan near Meran, many facets.

  • Everyone has their own interpretation of happiness. What is it like for you: the perfect day on holiday? 
  • Drawn to the warmth and security of the Völlanerhof in South Tyrol, one of the most romantic spa hotels in South Tyrol - or exploring the heart of the Meran region full of curiosity and appetite for discovery?
  • Relaxing during soothing beauty and wellness in the Mediterranean Spa - or sporty and fit while hiking, cycling and golf in the fresh alpine air?

However you want to plan your precious holiday in South Tyrol - at our spa hotel Völlanerhof in Völlan near Meran we will personally ensure that your holiday wishes are fulfilled! With our helpful staff, attention to detail, and hospitality from the heart!

Book your holiday at our South Tyrol Resort & Spa Völlanerhof - and experience the romance, gourmet cuisine, activities and wellness at one of the most beautiful hotels near Meran in South Tyrol!

We look forward to your visit...

Yours, The Margesin family
and the whole South Tyrol Resort & Spa Völlanerhof team!

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