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Insider tips for autumn

Personalised tips for your holiday at Alpiana Resort in Völlan 

Christian Margesin, 29.09.2015

Völlan is a climatic spa, as a sniff of the air and the feel of the place will tell you. In autumn you can see this, too. For at no other time are the contrasts so distinct, the views so farreaching, nor the contours so sharp. And at no other time does Mother Nature splash colour around like in autumn. On the high plateau of Völlan, in the middle of Meraner Land, the golden yellow of leaves on chestnut trees mixes with the luminous red of September's crop of apples and merges with the varied brown tones of the woods, creating a delightfully harmonious display of colour. 

When paths decorated by autumn itself are just waiting to be trodden, e-bikes outside the door are purring excitedly at the prospect of rolling through the sea of colour, when light breezes cause chestnut trees to drop their prickly cases and the whirlpool in Alpiana pool garden quietly gurgles away in a tempting fashion, it's hard to know which of these autumnal delights to discover and try first! 

It's best to ask the experts. And in Völlan, these experts are Johann and Monika, Christian, Berta, Johannes, Little Greta and Even Littler Hanna. The ALPIANA family

The most appealing prickles in the world... 
Not far from ALPIANA RESORT, a larger-than-life 'Keschtnigl', a chestnut husk, attracts the gaze of viewers. Old chestnut trees line the Chestnut Experience Path, which features 10 'stations' displaying information about sweet chestnuts. These are the focus of the menu at inns and guesthouses every year, turning this time into a 5th season – the 'Törggelen', or roasted chestnut, season. The easy, popular and well known circular walk can be done in a leisurely 1 to 2 hours. 

Green fees amongst the trees  
It's possible in South Tyrol – in the middle of the mountains you'll not just find lush meadows and cows, but also wonderfully well groomed golf courses and players who appreciate all the sun and fantastic views. This is golf, Alpine-Mediterranean style. Johann knows what he's talking about and recommends nearby Sarnonico Golf Course, as it affords the best autumnal views. 

'Törggelen' is a must! 
Monika is a fan of 'törggelen'. On one condition: it has to be honest, authentic and good. That's why Monika regularly walks to the nearby Hofstätter inn  with her guests. The path goes over Völlaner Badl, allowing a trip to the picturesque St. Hyppolit Chapel if desired. “At Hofstätter there's a decent plate of 'speck' ('Speckbrettl'), cheese and really good chestnuts.“ says Monika. And there's wine, of course; the new wine ('Nuie') just has to be tried! See, feel and taste autumn. Best done on a 'törggelen' trip.  

Step into autumn 
Christian is sporty. Riding up to the 'Gallhöfen'  by mountain bike is his tip. A path leaves the hotel across hill and dale with a cumulative ascent of 500 metres. It's worth it not just for the refreshments stop but for the awe-inspiring views over to Meran and the Dolomites, too. Late in the afternoon some of the peaks glow red in the autumn sun. For those who can't face the walk up, there are e-bikes waiting! A little bit of help is allowed. 

And what does Johannes do? 
Johannes does nothing. Or, actually he does a lot! He swims, goes to the sauna, bathes and relaxes. For the completely upgraded and extended wellness area at ALPIANA RESORT makes being active simply impossible on some days. Johannes' tip for rainy days (but not only then) is to enjoy the pool, experience Sky Spa and treat yourself to a massage or a special treatment. He believes that no autumn holiday should be without wellness... 

Last but not least: children, children! 
Children are happy wherever they can go outside, play, explore and investigate nature - sometimes it's that simple. Yet now and again it's nice to show them something special! Little Greta's tip is Brandiswaalweg path, where there are lots of buds, stones and colourful leaves to gather. There are picnic benches and the path is even accessible for pushchairs. This means that Greta's little sister Hanna can come along ...

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