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Winter at Alpiana - Safe holidays

Over the christmas holidays we fill only 75% of our rooms - for even more space for you

A culinary dance of North and South

Sun-ripenedly spicy and still mountain-fresh. Heartily honest and yet playful. A bit like the 'bella vita' and a bit like the Tyrolean alpine region. That’s what Meraner Land tastes like.

Cultures also meet on the plate, building the last bridges to unite in a tasteful symbiosis. South Tyrolean cuisine is so colourful and varied that you just cant get enough of it. Around the historic spa town of Merano, the culinary influences of Central Europe and the Danube monarchy meet Mediterranean-Tyrolean food. Indigenous dishes get refined, long-established ones get reinterpreted, forgotten ones get revived. As much as South Tyrolean cuisine is conscious of its tradition, creativity is still allowed. We believe in the goodness of natural ingredients, and serve what nature intended us to eat.
The noble companion: Wine doesn’t need to cry for attention next to South Tyrolean cuisine. The charisma of regional wine finds complete expression by accompanying the dishes and so providing sumptuous perfection. Meraner Land brings forth fine products, especially in its wine, which reflects the elegance of its origins, combining climate and ground conditions, tradition, knowledge and the noblesse of a unique environment.

Landscape on a plate: At ALPIANA RESORT and the refreshingly creative ALPIANA Culinaris restaurant, the cuisine is governed by what the seasons and the surrounding countryside have to offer. We prefer to shop at local providers. That way, the quality and freshness of the ingredients are guaranteed. The best recipes of Meraner Land holiday region are continuously reinterpreted, combined and proudly presented to our guests. The rustic can sometimes speak for itself: Schlutzkrapfen ravioli and steaming dumplings are on the menu. The guiding principle is that, as well as being fine cuisine, everything is home-made and good honest food.

The breakfast is one of the best we have enjoyed in around the world!     
Francesca, November 2015 - Tripadvisor
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