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Our credo

What stands behind the term 'luxury' depends on social, economic and cultural change and is not only connected with the tangible. Luxury is something that is reserved for a few people but desired by many. Something that not everybody can afford (anymore). Space. Retreat. Going with the the flow. Values and feelings which have become rare but which have gained in significance at the same time.

In our fast-paced age characterised by the individual's search for meaning, a new kind of luxury has evolved, far away from all materialism. Moments spent in the here and now, 'offline' and 'logged out', have become rare, just like the moments with the precious feeling of not having to do anything and not constantly checking your watch. The need for simplicity and the desire to get back to nature burn in our hearts again. Just like the wish to look after one’s own health and personal wellbeing – to feel cared for and thus carefree.

Natural design

The DolceVita Hotel ALPIANA RESORT is an island. An oasis of tranquillity. A home. An architectonic highlight combining brave design with natural materials uniting innovation and traditional family warmth. Peace and quiet to recharge your batteries – a unique pool garden and the spa area on three levels set new standards in the field of beauty and wellness.

Man and nature need to find each other again. ALPIANA RESORT is a statement: avant-garde and sustainability can go hand in hand. The new aesthetics allows it: innovative design made from local materials. The DolceVita Hotel ALPIANA RESORT is a masterfully staged example of architecture and still manages to stay part of the surrounding South Tyrolean mountain world.

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